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Do not ever let any one tell you that you can not do something.

There will always be that one person who wishes on your downfall and say you will ever make it.

But if you remember to always keep God first, believe in yourself, and work hard;

then you can be anything you want in life.

do not be defied by the past but live for the future!

Author Lakyshia L. Shelton

The person that I was yesterday, does not define the woman that I've grown to become today!

You live, You learn, You grow and You become better everyday from the mistakes you've made.

Live for today not and for yesterday.

if you do not Love and believe in yourself first how can you expect anyone else to love and believe in you!

Writer & Poet Lakyshia L. Shelton

Start Over

When you have made your plans and they have gone astray.

When you have tried your best and it seem no way...

Start Over!

When you have told your friend what you plan to do.

When you trusted in them and they didn’t come through,

now you feel all alone and it’s up to you.

Start Over!

When you feel you failed your kids and they’re grown and gone,

when you have done your best,

but it turns out wrong.

Pick yourself up and stay strong!

Start Over!

When you have prayed to God,

so you’ll know his will,

when you have prayed and prayed and don’t know still.

Start Over!

When you think you’re finished and want to quit, when you have bottom out in life’s deepest pit. Start Over!

I mean when victory has won,

Start Over!

A race well ran.

Written By: Mary L (Burnett) Shelton

My Books

Poetry Of Life Part One

My Babydaddy & The Family Drama

Let's Help Each Other Can You Relate To These Stories

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Author Lakyshia L Shelton
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